Quality custom designed houses
LHM is experienced in delivering house projects from foundation to the key: from material supply to the house assembly
Perfect interior finish
one of LHM advantages
LHM log houses
are hand made by skilled professionals
Stavlaft houses
- one of the most popular LHM products
LHM builds high quality custom designed wooden houses
Log & stavlaft cabins
Frame cabins
Living houses
  • From foundation to the key
    LHM offers a full range of services of the house construction: we will prepare a  project, manufacture and assemble the house even with full interior installation. 
  • Quality timber
    Constructional timber and logs are properly dried to avoid shrinkage and to ensure  maximum stabillity and durability of the house.
  • House assembly in 1-4 days
    Houses are assembled by trained and experienced crews to ensure the quality of the house installation. It takes 1-4 days to assemble the house constructions at the customer’s site.
For 10 years LHM has delivered more than 100 quality cabins to Geilo Laft. Their ability to produce and build our architect designed cabins to the highest level of quality is unique. Geilo laft is proud to be LHM partner.
Trond Eidsnes | "Geilo Laft" AS
"GaardsLaft" AS have been partners with LHM for the last 3 years. We have seen many different suppliers in Norway, but we truly believe that LHM is the best for our needs. They have real and solid, good quality products and very skilled carpenters. Many hand made details give our projects exclusiveness.
Einar M. Gaard | "GaardsLaft"
One of the things we find really exciting about LHM cabins is the combination of traditional log construction with modern approaches, especially with regard to large windows that invite the outdoors inside. The cabin is very well laid out and utilizes each square foot very well. The quality of the logging / carpentry work is very high. Combination of logging and traditional solutions, solid oak floors, wide moldings, high ceilings in the living room help to create unique and good atmosphere. The combination of solid materials, slate, thick logs, modern kitchen and bathroom, contemporary colors, grass roof and nice terrace with Norwegian style gives a fantastic impression. The lodge is both traditional and modern at the same time and with high quality craftsmanship - that is very unique.
Per Weidemann | private customer from Norway
LHM is the supplier of "Dreamhouse" UAB since 2008.
I can highly recommend LHM for Norwegian hand-crafted cabins, quality wooden furniture and stairs.
The main advantage of LHM is the approach to quality of its products. No matter what LHM manufacture, they are always trying to make the product of top quality. Sometimes they even manage to change the standards in the market by making them higher.
Another important thing is that LHM really value their employees. The most of approx. 100 employees have been working for the company for a long time.
Mindaugas Levulis | "Dreamhouse" UAB, the official representative for private customers in Europe.