About LHM
We are proud to present our company - LHM (Log House Masters) that has grown from a small business to a holding of four companies delivering houses, stairs, furniture and timber.
We founded the company in 2002 - two ambitious men in their early thirties with some knowledge and big passion to start a business. Back then we had no resources: neither finances, nor production facilities. We have built our first log house together, without any other employees. Since 2002 our manufacturing premises have expanded from 500 m2 that we rented to over 7000 m2 that we own today. From 2 men we have grown to over 100. Old fashioned machines were replaced by CNC and other modern manufacturing equipment for high precision wood processing. Today our engineers use modern 3D project planning software.

Our primary aim is to warranty the highest quality in each detail. However, house building companies often face problems with their suppliers regarding quality or delivery times, and LHM was not an exception. But the problem in the market was a new possibility for LHM: in 2008 we founded constructional timber and panel trade company, and in 2013 we established solid wood furniture and stair production departments. Both departments work to provide LHM houses with the best possible quality products delivering them on time.

We value our employees that are committed to work, responsible and proffessional. We offer higher than average wages in the region and are proud of low personnel turnover and friendly working environment. A strong team is the basis for the work quality. Having such a good team, LHM has won a number of regional and National awards for business developement, creditability and investments.

Strong enthusiasm, hard work and devotion to quality have led our company to where we are now: 11 successful years of business, with over 100 professional employees and approx. 300 completed house projects. We are proud to have earned the confidence of our business customers from Lithuania, Norway and other countries. Quality has proven to be our best advertising and visiting card.

Yours sincerely,
Nerijus Eimutis and Laurynas Mitkus